29 April 2010


Tomorrow is another Silverlake Farms CSA pickup. The last time around, my mom and I went to my sister Noreen's house where she, Bryn and Stephen helped us cook.

Stephen loves capes (and as of that Saturday morning, we now know he loves tempeh marinated in Braggs) and Bryn loves my iPhone. After the last leaf of baby bok choy was sauteed, we downloaded the Monkey Flight app and I passed out. That last picture is what it looks like when you go out Friday night, wake up at 7:30 the next morning, and cook for four hours.

Side note: We tried this simple baked kale recipe I ran across on smitten kitchen. So good.

Sailing on the Brain

The third sailing post in a row, I know.

A month ago, I said there was a sailing timelapse forthcoming. I still haven't done it. I can't decide on a song!

Until then, here are a few stills from it.

28 April 2010

From the Archives III

heeling over. [unintentional pun]

Senior Sailing

A friend's husband told me the other day that when his parents retired, they sold their house and bought a sailboat. They've been sailing around the world since, and indefinitely, docking where they want and casting off again when they want.

I saw this impeccably designed sailing boat the other day and thought that there's a slight possibility that in 30 years, this model will have depreciated enough to be my floating house. maybe. but probably not.

I love how the waterline (where the top of the water touches the outside of the boat) is brought inside. Everything under the waterline is walnut, and everything above is white. The kitchen is all white because it's all above the waterline.

25 April 2010

Beach House does TLC

Beach House does a really nice little performance of "Used to Be" on an Australian beach... and then a verse of TLC's "Waterfalls". The only way this could be better is if she did Lisa Left Eye Lopes' rap verse.

while i'm at it...

un voyage en mer du nord 1973-74

We didn't get to sail this weekend, but I did see this charming film clip on 2 or 3 things.

24 April 2010

Nike Ethics

cruelty to animals = OK
cruelty to women = OK

Good editorial from NYT

23 April 2010

To Have & To Hold

To Have and To Hold is a documentary that explores vinyl. The passion/importance/unique qualities/it's role in our lives.

included are:
+ Bobbito
+ ?uestlove
+ Chuck D
+ Bruce Ludvall [CEO of Blue Note Records]

++ great music
++ cool visuals
++ a celebration
++ tap dancing on a floor made of vinyl

their trailer:

22 April 2010

Karl Martin Holzhäuser

Painting with Light :: Karl Martin Holzhäuser

Operating in total darkness, he moves a "light-brush" (a lamp inside a narrow oblong box with variable openings in the bottom) along horizontal and vertical rails over sensitized paper, thus exposing it directly, without an interfering lens. Small parallel slides in the bottom of this "brush" enable the artist to control the quantity of light emerging from his device.

Holzhäuser says:
"For the time being I am still very busy exploring the possibilities of the fundamental photographic process, especially as I feel increasingly free in handling it, in reducing its material and technical aspects to a minimum in order to create a picture purely from light. Probably this urge "back to the roots" also explains my present predilection for black and white, the inspiring association with the original and fundamental photographic process; I am working right at the basis. The process itself is the origin of the picture. Nothing but light touching paper: That is painting with light in its purest form. Maybe some day I'll really become a painter in the traditional sense of the word. It is possibly significant that the darker parts of my present black-and-white "paintings" often assume a peculiar velvety materialness and a strikingly graphic note. Perhaps the borderline turns out to be fluid, somewhere very far underneath."

From an article on Holzhäuser's process:
The individual colors are obtained by the use of filters whose tints must be complementary to the intended colors because the sensitized paper is being exposed directly, without any intermediary steps. The mechanical part of the technique consists of cutting pieces of filter foil to the width of the intended color stripes, applying translucent coats of the respective colors to the foils, and gluing them onto the predesignated sections of the light brush.

The color ultimately shown on the paper is determined, on the one hand, by the tint and density of the coating, and, on the other, by the speed of moving the light brush during the exposure. Although Holzhaeuser conducts meticulous test series in order to define the filter colors, chance influences remain, particularly during the exposure and the subsequent chemical process.

Since his first experiments in this area, the artist has pursued mainly three directions of coloration, namely (1) combinations of the three primary optical colors blue, green and red, (2) monochromatic light/dark graduations created by successive exposures (as against the simultaneous use of several filters for the multicolored paintings), and (3) color chords either comprising the entire spectrum or composed of colors complementary to one another.

and a note from me: !!!

happy earth day to you

Art hiking through Denali, AK last summer.

15 April 2010

Every painting in MoMA

Every painting in MoMA in 2:00.

When I read the title of the video, I was afraid it would feel cheap. It doesn't. It's respectful of the collection. Nice little video.

I like the occasional visitor in the shots, interacting with the paintings.

14 April 2010

......_____.. . .

"A line is a dot that went for a walk."
- Paul Klee

I lurve this Klee. I saw it at the Hamburg Kunsthalle years ago.

Ernest Beyeler

Ernst Beyeler (1921 - 2010) was a Swiss arts dealer, gallery owner and museum founder. His feeling for good art and business made him one of the best known personalities in the international art business of the second half of the 20th century.

No embedding? Thumbs down, swissinfovideos. Click here.

Go Blue

Dodgers won their home opener yesterday.

Kershaw = the new Koufax ?

Darren Dreifort did not = the new Don Drysdale.

Sneaker Freak

Tous les garçons et les filles

I had never seen this video. It's charming as all hell, and it doesn't suck to look at Françoise Hardy for three minutes.

Caution: don't click play if you are predisposed to motion sickness.

12 April 2010

The Prisonaires "Just Walkin in the Rain"

The Prisonaires were an incarcerated gospel group in the 50’s that recorded the hit song "Just Walkin’ In The Rain" for Sun Records. LIFE caught up with them and grabbed a lot of incredible shots.

drinkin' and dronin'

10 April 2010

dizzy + basquiat

"You wait for the boom and you say 'salt-peanuts, salt-peanuts.'"

When we were kids, my brother would play Dizzy Gillespie's "Salt Peanuts" both on tape and on his saxophone.

unseen interview footage of Basquiat & Dizzy & Langston Hughes & nice design? yes plz.

Their embedded video isn't working, so click here to see the trailer.

09 April 2010

my boo

just heard this walking through the lobby. yes!!

Your name is not Luna, is it?

The trailer for Sleeper is so good. It makes me laugh out loud every time.

"Most of the scenes in it are of a cerebral, almost didactic nature."

Happy Friday!

07 April 2010

Nice and Easy Does It

I saw this strongly worded letter from Frank Sinatra to a writer with the Chicago Daily News on Selectism. It reminded me of a story my dad tells me about when he was with Associated Press in the 1960s.

AP sent him to Las Vegas to start a bureau. It was him, and only him. He was assigned to interview Frank about something not very pleasant. He's never said exactly what it was, but it wasn't his new hit record, nor his good reputation. Probably more something like tax evasion or a run in with the Vegas police. So, anyways, my dad met with Frank for breakfast in a small cafe at The Sands Hotel, not one of the big rooms. As you can see in the letter below, Frank didn't take too kindly to journalists. My dad asked the wrong question, pushed a little too hard, and Frank took exception. None other than Dean Martin, sitting in a booth just across the way, calmly walked over and diffused the situation. Seemed like old hat to him. My dad doesn't remember exactly what Dean said, but he made light of it for both an irritated Frank and an uneasy dad.

Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

I ran across this video tonight...

...which reminded me of these eye opening side by sides that I saw two years ago, comparing Rams' designs with Apple's current designs. It's uncanny. The abolition of built in obsolescence. A good goal. Click here for more Rams/Apple.

04 April 2010

Ben Shahn

Gandhi litho by Ben Shahn via 2or3things

Ladri di biciclette

I just watched Bicycle Thieves tonight. 89 well spent minutes.

01 April 2010

lurve. loave. luff you.

"Love is... is too weak a word for what I feel. I lurve you, you know. I loave you, I luff you. Two f's - yes, I have to invent, of course, I... I do, don't you think I do?"

- Woody Allen in Annie Hall

Poisson d'Avril!

C'est ce que les français disent après une blague le premier avril.

My french aunt Bebe (she's the best) sent this April Fools email. and then this picture. "et en plus il nage à l'envers !" (and on top of that, he swims upside down!)

I'm at a loss.

From the Archives II

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