31 August 2011

Guac before it's guac.  I'm making this before this summer's done.  You mark my words!  

:: My version ::
- avocado
- tomato
- lime
- cilantro
- almonds
- jalapeno 
- salt

30 August 2011

Contempt Trailer

I want to cut a trailer like this for a $250mil summer action blockbuster. s'il te plaƮt.

29 August 2011

23 August 2011


Just one more digital short. This one's a vignette on craftsman Dan Mailette, who sews shoes at Quoddy. I have a pair of Quoddy's, and this video shows you why they're just a great pair of shoes, and why one would be willing to spend a few extra bucks on them.

Wefi Surfboards

Digital SLR-shot, vimeo.com-delivered short on a guy who shapes wood surfboards with centuries old techniques and tools.

22 August 2011

Here's a nicely shot, nicely put together day in the life of a bicycle. It gets all Wall-E / Iron Giant at the end, which isn't a bad thing. I also like how our protagonist is nearsighted, making everything further than his spokes blurry.

14 August 2011

Kites, WWF, nephews

The fam visited on Saturday. Farmer's Market goodies, pro wrestling, body surfing, flying kites, and swimming at sunset were all parts of the equation. Hit play below for a soundtrack for the pics. Just ignore the "oui, plus fort [and sexy time sounds]" part at the end. naughty, naughty Brigitte.

12 August 2011

Happy Friday!

Ok, one more diptych.

I have a hot date this weekend. With my nephews. Their mom, my brother, my folks and I are flying kites with them. It'll be the inaugural launch of Bryn's new kite, which he needed to get after flying my childhood kite this summer. *le sigh

what the font?

And my fourth and last weekend diptych.

It's not just that the Drive font and color is a rip off, it's also that the 80s neon Budweiser /Miami Vice / T&C Surf signage look just doesn't suit the tone of this gritty, edgy film.

11 August 2011

Ira Glass, creative gap

My almost decade-long internal struggle with This American Life is that the show is good, but it can be just so precious, so far up its own arse. That conundrum, naturally, can be applied to the captain of the ship, Ira Glass. Here he is, being so pretentious, but so right on.

10 August 2011

Like Crazy trailer

Described on a blog as falling somewhere between Blue Valentine and (500) Days of Summer, Like Crazy was the Grand Jury Prize winner for Best Picture at Sundance. Good trailer.

Last night I saw The Future (see below), and I'm 99% sure that at least some of the exteriors were shot right by my place in Silverlake. And now Like Crazy looks like a postcard for my new neighborhood.

The Future

I saw this last night. If you haven't, you should.

08 August 2011

Stoney Point doc

An independent filmmaker is making a documentary on Stoney Point, the climbing spot I've started going to with my brother in law Chris, who, coincidentally, you can see at the 2:05 point of this clip (british accent). I was sitting just to the right of frame during his interview. I think you can hear me mouth breathing.

so frustrating

Amen, Dr!

06 August 2011

summer playlist

Spotify is such a time suck. Today, I woke up, spent four hours clicking through Spotify, got my hair cut, went sailing, then came home and spent another three hours on Spotify. yikes.

Firstly, I think everyone should spend an afternoon in my apartment listening to music. It's pretty amazing. The light! The sea breeze! The windows! I'm bragging. But it's just that good in this tiny studio.

Secondly, if you're not on Spotify, you should join. I put a playlist together for Art's bbq tomorrow. It's nostalgia porn. It goes from yacht rock to 90s hip hop to 70s R&B and makes a lot of pit stops in down south gangsta rap. Yeah, there are four Lauryn Hill songs (not including 2 Fugees tracks) and three from Janet Jackson. I do miss good female MCs. Janelle, Nicki, no pressure.

Click here for the evolving playlist.

sailed today with robert's new genoa

05 August 2011

Happy Friday!

We're sailing tomorrow. Robert just got a spinnaker (see example below) for the boat. It replaces the traditional jib, and when it billows out like a balloon in front of the bow, it's called flying. swag.

It'll be all of our first time giving it a go with the spinnaker. Wish us luck.

Sexy McSultry, leaning on a main sail, won't be joining us on our voyage.

03 August 2011

Tribalistas keeping summer going

I just remembered this song this morning. So good, and it takes me BACK! Tribalistas were a short-lived Brazilian trio featuring Marisa Monte (successful solo career, album with David Byrne, has a big crush on me ).

First is Tribalistas' "Passe em casa", then David Byrne and Marisa Monte's "Waters of March".

01 August 2011

I can't believe it's August already

This summer, my first as a west sider, has just flown by. I can't believe it's August already.

Two destination weddings, one in Maui and one in Denmark, have easily been the highlights. Happy occasions, amazing locations, great friends.

Elizabeth Weinberg's photography, with her naturally-lit and sun-drenched style, screams summer. The first four in this string are hers.

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