28 February 2010

The True Cost of Food

$1 = 1,000 calories of pizza
$1 = 30 calories of spinach

where do you start with this?

my new favorite blog, The Future Well, posted this video by GOOD. we might be spending less per calorie in 2010, but we are spending a lot more per nutrient, and a lot more on health care to fix our obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and so on.

Follow Your Bliss

This seems like an appropriate first real post within the context of my inaugural one.

My friend Art googled our friend Ryan's name and came up with an absolute gem. Eleven years ago, an 18 year old Ryan and his big brother Michael camped out overnight at the Burbank AMC 16, determined to be the first in line for the historic premier of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. There was a reporter from The Daily News there who got a priceless quote from Ryan:

Our high school AP Literature teacher had us study Joseph Campbell's "A Hero With a Thousand Faces". We learned about the hero's journey, and how these epic stories are grounded in ancient mythology.

But I mean come on, what 18 year old says that?!? One reason we all love ryan so much. Even though he's just some geek.

hello blogosphere

we used to all sit down at 11:30 pm and watch the Tonight Show. we used to all get our information from the same handful of newspapers and three networks. my friends and i would geek out about a forthcoming record release or even better yet, a japanese import arriving at the Virgin Megastore. there was a pretty consistent narrative.

it's a different ball game now with hundreds of channels, millions of blogs, tivo, bit torrents, AIM file transfers, etc etc. we've gone from a shared experience to sharing experience.

we send hulu links of Conan's three best jokes to friends the next day, sift through dozens of rss feeds every morning and forward the best on. there are no release dates or imports. the data is just there. we all watch our shows when we want, on our home tv, laptops in bed, or iPhones on the plane.

so this is where i'll share my experience. and to all two or three of you who read this, share back, if you'd like.

damn, what a dramatic first post.

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