08 May 2013

David Foster Wallace - This is Water

These folks at Everynone made this little video based on David Foster Wallace's commencement speech at Kenyon College in 2005.  

via Rya

07 May 2013

sailing soundtrack

Next time we go sailing, I want to listen to stuff like this


Matt Kemp post game

In another sentimental post from the editors of Helms a Lee, here is Matt Kemp making a kid's day

30 April 2013

For two whole years before coming out, Jason Collins wore the number 98 to honor Matthew Shepard.  

Also, I bumped into Jason at the tailor last summer and we talked hoops.  NBD

It All Ends

Here's a TV spot I did for Hangover III

22 April 2013


My sister sent me this video of Bryn and Stephen being brothers and I couldn't help but put it to super awesome music.  I bet they're going to be singing this song all night tonight.


This just blew me away



17 April 2013

What a great day for trailers yesterday was.  Mama mia.

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