28 June 2010

Face the Ace

Last weekend, we celebrated the twins' 30th birthdays at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. My friend Brian was nice enough to let me borrow his awesome Canon 7D (HD video and slow motion HD video). I surprised the guys with a little montage. If you want to see what kind of madness ensued, here it is.

For the best viewing experience, click on "vimeo" on the bottom right so you can see it in HD. And crank up the volume!

25 June 2010

Because weekends were made for

breakdancing on skylights.

Neon Indian :: Mind Drips

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24 June 2010

Lost Angels - Skid Row Documentary

Most documentaries about communities/issues like Los Angeles' Skid Row feel like they're shot from a safe distance, peering down with a long lens, or even worse, they feel like an invasion. Lost Angels couldn't be any different. Thomas Napper, the director, establishes a rapport with his main subjects, allowing us to get inside their world, which actually turns out to be much more complex than Pras would lead you to believe [ugh]. Yes, there are crippling problems with drugs, violence, and mental illness, but there's also community, family, and vulnerability. There's a real dignity and respect in the way their stories are told.

I cut a pro bono trailer for Thomas a couple months ago. It was a great project to be involved in. There's a screening downtown tomorrow night. You (Art, Ryan, I'm fairly certain you two are still the only people who read this thing) should come. Friday the 25th, 7:45 pm at the Regal in LA Live. 300 free tickets, first come first serve.

It's nice, there's a little buzz - I'm running across our trailer everywhere. Here's Huffington Post's take on the film.

Update: ok, so I couldn't do it. The version of the trailer, for various reasons, that finished is not my favorite. So I took it down.

And on the seventh day, he sailed

We're sailing Sunday afternoon/evening. Fajitas and a margarita to follow. It doesn't get much better.

21 June 2010

17 June 2010


I'm taking tomorrow off of work to drive out to the desert for the big birthday bash. Delorean is on my driving playlist. Friends, pools, DJs, ping pong, vodka icees.

If the Lakers win tonight, my head might explode.


16 June 2010

"Breathless" Trailer

Great, simple, confident, avant-garde trailer for Godard's Breathless. No music, no sound effects, no front end or back end really. Just bullet points. Kind of a "this is what we're offering you. take it or leave it."

How could you say 'no' to
+ la jolie fille
+ le gentil monsieur
+ la mechante femme
+ la mort
+ la petite americaine
+ la "pin-up"
+ la bonne nuit
+ umphrey bogarte
+ marseille
+ picasso
+ un film de jean luc godard
+ l'amour
+ la peur
+ avec jean seberg et jean-paul belmondo
+ a bout de souffle

nice logo animation

FOCAL — Animated Logo from Crictor on Vimeo.

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15 June 2010

a photograph is a secret about a secret

the more it tells you, the less you know.
- diane arbus

ryan adrien brody and rachel weisz in the brothers bloom.

The True Story of American Soccer - Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers is a damn genius. He wrote this piece (an excerpt from The Thinking Man's Guide to the World Cup) about why American soccer is in such a sad state of affairs. It's fantastic. I may have even laughed out loud once or twice while reading it.

Some of the reasons he touches on are anti-Communist sentiment, that Americans are suspicious of any sport we didn't invent, that Americans don't respond well to flopping, and that Sylvester Stallone hasn't attended enough soccer games.

Here's an excerpt, where he talks about why every 5-9 year old plays AYSO, but then 88% of those kids stop playing when they turn 10 -

The abandonment of soccer is attributable, in part, to the fact that people of influence in America long believed that soccer was the chosen sport of Communists. When I was 13—this was 1983, long before glasnost, let alone the fall of the wall—I had a gym teacher, who for now we'll call Moron McCheeby, who made a very compelling link between soccer and the architects of the Iron Curtain. I remember once asking him why there were no days of soccer in his gym units. His face darkened. He took me aside. He explained with quivering, barely mastered rage, that he preferred decent, honest American sports where you used your hands. Sports where one's hands were not used, he said, were commie sports played by Russians, Poles, Germans, and other commies. To use one's hands in sports was American, to use one's feet was the purview of the followers of Marx and Lenin. I believe McCheeby went on to lecture widely on the subject.

Read the rest here.

13 June 2010

Stuff White People Like: The Idea of Soccer

#80 The Idea of Soccer

Many white people will tell you that they are very into soccer. But be careful, it's a trap.

If you then attempt to engage them about your favorite soccer team or talk about famous moments in soccer history, you are likely to be met with blank stares. This is because white people don't actually enjoy watching soccer, they just like telling their friends that they are into it.

Most white people choose a favorite soccer team based on either a study abroad experience or a particularly long vacation to Europe or South America. When they return, they like to tell their friends about how great "football" is and that they are committed to 'getting more into' now that they have returned home.

[read the whole post here]

09 June 2010

All Together Now

rcb: you are a sucker for nostos and longing.
kf: [nods]

01 June 2010

Chalkboard Ping Pong Table

holy hell.

Chalkboard surface for scores, who's got next, and inspired doodles. Cubby for beverages and gear. Click here for the write up.

'natomy of 'merica

Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010

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