28 October 2011

The Power of Making

Even though I use a computer to put trailers together, I feel camaraderie with these folks.  

25 October 2011

Sammy Davis Jr. does MJ

so good!

St. Vincent "Cruel"

St. Vincent performing "Cruel" in a Dallas record store.  She's just loverly.

And here's the studio version and video.

13 October 2011

Paul Simon is 70 today

via The Awl

Explosions in the Sky Poster Process

A general rule about the guy at Helms-a-Lee: he loves the process.

Here's a timelapse video of an artist creating a poster for Explosions in the Sky.   Sooo cool.  And so as not to spoil the ending, you can click here to see the final poster high res after you watch the video.

12 October 2011

07 October 2011

My Puss in Boots Trailer is live!

My Puss in Boots trailer is online and playing in front of Real Steel.  I know you all have your tickets to that gem already, so get there in time to see this on the big screen too!  Antonio's ready.

Happy Friday with hand painted signs

This is just loverly. 

05 October 2011

Norval Sinclair Marley

"I don't have prejudice against meself. My father was a white and my mother was black. Them call me half-caste or whatever. Me don't dip on nobody's side. Me don't dip on the black man's side nor the white man's side. Me dip on God's side, the one who create me and cause me to come from black and white."  -Bob Marley

Norval Sinclair Marley, Bob's dad:

christina ricci

She's always been good looking, obv, but when did this happen?  She's doing something right.

Puss in Boots Trailer

My Puss in Boots trailer goes live online tomorrow and in theaters Friday.  woot woot!

04 October 2011

Mina Tindle

Mon dieu.  You could stuff a basket full of fluffy kittens and Gizmo with the Jerry McGuire kid's glasses on, and it wouldn't be as adorable and charming as Parisian Mina Tindle.  Oh, and, good song, too.

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